Behind-the-Scenes In a $15 thousand costume complete with wig, Rocco is a strange mix of New York, Italian and native Indian with a dash of mobster. "He's Mo Green in a war bonnet," smiles Wilson. In costuming Nell, Jensen says she tossed out the floor-length prairie dress for clothes with a more elegant, grown-up '30s feel. Snidely Whiplash, who in the cartoon was the squat-bodied, skinny-legged man with the stovepipe hat, has become more Gothic in a frockcoat from the 1860's topped with a Dracula-type cape.

Behind-the-Scenes Although it proved challenging to costume over 40 red-coated officers mounting a charge against the wicked Whiplash in the films climactic finale, the far greater challenge was for the riders to maintain their mounts. Since so many horses were needed for the scene, many of those used had barely been ridden. With banners flying, the final edit captured a proud RCMP drill team charging in to battle to save the day.

Fraser, who had some experience in the saddle, honed his equestrian skills with daily training sessions on his horse "McFly," who stars as the infamous horse aptly named "Horse."

In summing up his wild Dudley Do-Right experience, writer/director Wilson says, "It's all pretty broad. The idea here has been that more is better. In most comedies I'd say more is not better. But here, we're pretty much eating the scenery."

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