Behind-the-Scenes "Hugh's a great guy," agrees Alex Rocco (The Godfather), who plays The Chief, and 'ruler' of the Indian Corn Festival tourist trade. "When Hugh directs, he guides you like a choreographer through your scenes. But you have to be good. With Hugh, you have to deliver the mail."

Rocco remembers the first night of shooting. "It's a very tricky film to play. You can fall in that trap of saying okay I'm playing an Indian Chief in a cartoon feature and be very big. Well, the first line I said, Hugh says 'Cut.' He says to me, 'Rocco, I want you to play more like Moe Greene in The Godfather.' And whew, I was glad that night was over because I found my character. That's what helps me. Most directors will just say, 'cut, let's do another one.'"

Robert Prosky, of Hill Street Blues fame, stars as Inspector Fenwick-Dudley's boss and Nell's father. Updated from the cartoon, Fenwick now speaks with a British accent (with a slight lisp) and sports a bushy mustache.

"The Inspector is Dudley's immediate superior," Prosky explains. "He gets a little exasperated with Dudley's lack of intelligence when he's called back to replace Dudley who has fouled things up so badly. But in the end, Dudley gets his man, in a backdoor sort of way."

In running for the "back door," Dudley takes refuge from Snidely's gang at one of the areas popular tourist destinations, working incognito amidst the dancers performing in an Indian Corn Pageant.

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