Behind-the-Scenes The comically-unpredictable Eric Idle, famed for his outrageous sketches as part of the Monty Python Comedy Troupe, plays Wilson's newly created character of The Prospector. As the guy credited with discovering the gold in "them thar hills," The Prospector enjoys such celebrity that he is invited as a guest on Live With Regis and Kathie Lee.

"Eric Idle is brilliant," says Wilson. "Maybe I'm showing my age here, but in my generation, Monty Python, those people as far as I'm concerned are comedy icons; living legends. Eric is really funny and also a lovely man, in his own right, beyond the Pythons."

Idle says although "in real life" he is currently busy at work on a novel based on the many people and experiences he has encountered throughout his comedy career, he wanted to take on the role of The Prospector, in part, because of his respect for Hugh Wilson, as a director.

"I think he is really fabulous," says Idle. "One of my very favorite films is Rustler's Rhapsody. It's a beautiful comedy, and it's one of those comedies where everybody gives fantastic performances and nobody lets on they're in a comedy, which is the finest form of comedy, for me.

"Hugh is one of those people, that if you look up and he's smiling, you know you've got it," Idle continues, "and if he isn't, you know you should go again. It's kind of like shorthand."

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