Behind-the-Scenes In working opposite Molina, Fraser says, "Alfred is a tower of acting. He has a physical presence that is at the same time imposing and very delicate. He's exacting. He has a keen understanding of melodrama. His timing is impeccable and he is just hilarious in this part. I had a hard time keeping a straight face, and I'm the guy wearing the red jacket with the big hat!"

In Wilson's script, the character of Nell has made a huge shift from the helpless victim in need of rescue to a sexy woman in search of adventure, yet she remains, as in the cartoon, the object of Dudley's affection. Sarah Jessica Parker, who first charmed audiences starring as Annie in the Broadway hit musical of the same name and went on to star in such hit movies as Honeymoon in Vegas and The First Wives Club, was the producers' dream choice.

"I definitely enjoyed working with Sarah Jessica," says Fraser. "I think she is crisp and funny and intelligent. She's incredibly present. She always had a book in her hand off screen, which inspired me to read," he laughs. "It was a pleasure working with her." "Nell is pretty much on the side of whoever is winning," adds Wilson, "but in the nicest possible way."

A conniving gold-digger, the new, updated Nell is bored with Dudley's boy-scout-like deeds, and much more attracted to the dark and dangerous Snidely. Unfortunately for Snidely, the object of Nell's desire changes quickly when Dudley fights back by getting down and dirty.

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