Behind-the-Scenes "When you're playing cartoon characters, the great thing is that you can be completely outrageous," says Molina. "I love a bit of shtick. I belong to the red nose and big shoes school of comedy, and that's why I go for the broad stroke."

As a cartoon character, Snidely is always tying someone to the railroad tracks. "No half-decent villain would not have a scene like that," laughs Molina. "It's like having a love story without a kiss, you know, it just wouldn't work.

"In the film, we had this wonderful actor who played my victim," Molina continues. "He spent the whole day tied up to the track. When they brought the real train that they were going to shoot later in the afternoon, he got nervous. Behind-the-Scenes He really thought we were going to go for it at one point, no expenses spared. It was like something out of an old silent movie."

Described by Dudley as "a worthy foe," Snidely Whiplash is often surprised by Dudley's initiative in a classic case of underestimating the enemy.

"Snidely and Dudley don't have many scenes together in the film," explains Molina. "Snidely spends all his time cursing and bemoaning the day he ever came across Dudley and plotting against him. We're obsessed with each other, but we actually don't meet in the film all that often."

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