Behind-the-Scenes "I was in Morocco shooting The Mummy, where it was hot and kind of rough going and I was somehow couriered a copy of Dudley Do-Right," Fraser explains. "It gave me the best laugh that I had had for a month and a-half. I had such a good experience having worked with Hugh on Blast From the Past, that I definitely wanted to repeat the experience.

Fraser continues, "Hugh is a gentleman and a professional and an all-around good guy. I think that the final equation was that if Hugh Wilson was going to direct it, I wanted to be in it."

To research life as a member of the RCMP, Fraser looked no further than his own family history. His great grandfather, a French Canadian, was a Mountie, and old family photos proved not only inspirational, but humorous.

"He was known as the long-armed arm of the law-it was a joke because was actually not very tall," Fraser explains. "He had short arms, but he would reach into the haystacks to make sure that they were stacked properly and that no one was cheating the government for stacking them improperly. And if, indeed, there was empty space in the middle of the hay, he would write a citation. He was the original Dudley Do-Right."

The talented stage actor Alfred Molina, nominated for a Tony Award for his outstanding performance in Art, plays Dudley's arch-rival, the sinister Snidely Whiplash. Twirling his trademark handlebar mustache, he lusts after the lascivious Nell while masterminding the gold rush scam of the century.

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